What does a wedding celebration in Prague have to do with women in war-torn Iraq?

The wedding of Zuzana and Matěj Belko, in late June, was beautiful. Zuzana and Matěj invited wedding guests to not only an amazing wedding party, but also to contribute money to a good cause. The couple dedicated all donations raised by their ceremony to the promotion of psychosocial assistance for Iraqi women who had to flee from the war in their homes and now live in refugee camps in northern Iraq.

Diaconia ECCB – CRD staff conducted a brief interview with the happy couple.

DEECB-CRD: Zuzana and Matěj, why did you choose to use your wedding to raise money for people you do not know?

Z&M: It seemed like a good opportunity to help someone who needs it. We also found it good to be reminded that people are not as well off as we are everywhere in the world.

DEECB-CRD: How did you come up with the idea of giving the money to help women in northern Iraq?

Z&M: The simple answer is we consulted with loved ones who are actively interested in this issue. We wanted to know where are the money needed the most.

DEECB-CRD: How did other participants in the wedding respond to the idea?

Z&M: Given that the collection is a normal part of worship, it may not have surprised anyone too much. People reacted positively also because the wedding guests know exactly where the financial assistance goes.

On behalf of Diaconia ECCB –CRD, we thank the Mr. and Mrs. Belko wedding guests for raising 6.290 CZK! We will send it along with other money in response to a request for financial assistance for projects in the field of psychosocial support for women traumatized by the war in Iraq. Our partner in Iraq sent the request just a day before the Zuzana and Matěj’s wedding giveaway. Thanks to you, we can respond to their solicitation just in time, particularly where they need the most help. Thank you!


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