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On the evening of July 11th, 2015, Diaconia-CRD, along with Dr. Julius Ruff of Marquette University, and the Plymouth United Church of Christ, commemorated the life and death of early church reformer Jan Hus by having a family-style barbecue.

The dinner choice of a barbecue was an ironic reference to the fact that Jan Hus was burned at the stake by the Catholic Church in 1415. The Hus surname in Czech is translated as goose in English, so the roasting of five full chickens and over 30lbs of pork shoulder was, we felt, an appropriate (if not dark!) homage to the man and his vision.

The evening was a fantastic success. The dinner was prepared by Rev. Andrew Warner of the Plymouth UCC. All proceeds went to support the global missions work of Diaconia-CRD. We had table space for 45 people and all dinner tickets were sold-out! The total amount raised was over $1,200!

Dr. Ruff gave a fascinating and at times extremely funny lecture on the historical context of Jan Hus’s protestant movement, and it’s modern-day ramifications: the firm belief in the individual’s right to interpret their own religious experience; the importance of preaching and teaching in the common language of the people; pacifism; and an abhorrence of corruption, wealth and power.

The night concluded with a brief discussion of Jan Hus’s connection to Diaconia-CRD (mainly through Diaconia-CRD’s relationship to the Czech Brethren denomination), and about how the money raised will be put to use abroad.

We at Diaconia-CRD are indebted to all those who came and participated, especially to Dr. Ruff, Rev. Warner, and the volunteers–Jay, Tomas, and David–who helped prepare the meal. Once again, on behalf of Diaconia-CRD and the memory of Jan Hus, we sincerely thank you!

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