Christian Aid meets with displaced families to discuss their needs and the benefits of previous aid distributions at their temporary home in Chamchamal on September 9. The families have recieved food parcels and non food items from Christian Aid partners.For weeks, thousands of people have fled war-torn regions of Iraq, escaping violence brought on by fighters of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS). Among the refugees are large numbers of Christian minorities. Two of our ACT Alliance partners, Christian Aid UK the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) are working together with Iraqi nonprofit organization, REACH (Rehabilitation, Education, and Communities’ Health), to provide aid and assistance to 13,000 refugees. We are joining the effort by raising funds to help                                                                                                  those affected by the violence.


The Situation in Syria and Iraq

At the present time, large numbers of citizens continue to flee ISIS-controlled territories in both Iraq and Syria. Refugees have minimal protection and are often forced to spend their nights in schools, churches, partially-destroyed buildings, or outdoors. They lack basic necessities: food, shelter, medical supplies, and personal hygiene materials. Winter is descending upon the region and people are in desperate need of warm clothing and thick blankets.

Areas of Assistance

Christian Aid and LWF have organized an aid project that provides much-needed supplies and materials to their Iraqi partner organization, REACH.

REACH has been in Iraq for seventeen years, has extensive experience working in war zones, and is well aware of the needs and concerns of the local people affected by conflict. Currently REACH is providing aid to refugees, religious minorities, women, children, the elderly, and those who are ill. REACH staff is providing food, kitchen materials, personal hygiene items, medicine, blankets, and tents to refugees. They are also offering psycho-social assistance and will soon provide schooling to children.

The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren Announces Public Collection

001718_05_027522The Synod of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren is calling upon church members, Diaconia, and all citizens to support the public collection to assist those affected by the conflict and religious violence in Iraq.  Once collected, funds will be sent to Diaconia ECCB-CRD, who, through their ACT Alliance membership, are working partners of Christian Aid and LWF. The reputation and experience of both international organizations as well as the local organization, REACH, ensure that donated funds will be used where the needs are greatest and where the most significant impact can be made.

If you are interested in providing assistance, please make a donation.


You Can Help Right Now

With your financial support we can all help people stand on their own.

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