000833_05_013139Burma/Myanmar: We are raising funds for the continued development of an in-camp Fire Prevention Program. Money will be used in the training of female and male fire volunteers, and in the procurement of fire-fighting materials. In the northwestern region of Myanmar, internally-displaced people are living in large refugee camps. Houses are made of bamboo and planks of wood. Fires are a constant threat.


Ethiopia: Funds are needed for the construction of a grain mill that will be owned and operated by female-led economic cooperatives. Flour produced from the mill will be sold and profits will be distributed throughout the cooperative. The mill will be built in the southern region of Chuko.



slide4Georgia: Money is needed to assist in the reconstruction of a Therapeutic Day Center. The Day Center is the main site where people with physical and mental disabilities are cared for. The Day Center is an instrumental location where people with disabilities are offered art classes, life skills training and therapy. The organization also needs money to purchase a new van.



001138_05_017775Ukraine: Due to the war in the east, Kiev and other areas of Ukraine have seen an influx of orphans. Our partner organization, Father’s House, has been caring for over 120 of the children. They are now in need of two refrigerators to store food and in building improvements to be able to house the children comfortably.



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