Photo: Credit and Saving Cooperative of Women from Tesso Kebele, Woreda Aleta Chuko

October 23, 2016

Before working on the construction of the mill in Makala, Diaconia ECCB – CRD cooperated with Bread for the World and EECMY/DASSC/SCES to improve food security in six target kebeles (neighborhoods) of Aleta Woreda Chuko: Tesso, Futahe, Makala, Gambela, Lela Honcho and Dibicha. This collaborative project was called the Chuko Food Security Development Project, Phase III (2013-2015).

In Tesso Kebele (a kebele adjacent to where the mill will be constructed), the Chuko Food Security Development Project established a credit and saving cooperative for women. This cooperative helps women gain credit for small businesses development. Usually, they use these credits in order to have some basic capital for businesses such as animal agriculture, pineapple trade, coffee trade, operating cafés, and others. Money earned from their businesses pays for their children’s education, food for their families, and medical services. Many women and their families are being empowered by the project.

However these women still face challenges. They spend 4 hours a day getting water for their households and their manual threshing of cereals causes yield losses and low hygiene. If they buy packed flower, they must pay a steep price.

In anticipation of gaining more access to such resources, women from Tesso Kebele say one of their biggest priorities is the construction of the mill, which will add value to the raw crops they produce. Thanks to Tempish, Diaconia ECCB – CRD, and EECMY/DASSC/SCES, they will get it soon!

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