children's house copyDiaconia – CRD, Father’s House of Ukraine, and KOMA of the Czech Republic are working together to provide housing for displaced families affected by the fighting in Ukraine. $200,000 is being raised to build the facility. This is an exciting multi-national partnership to help the most vulnerable people in Ukraine.

Since 2014, we at Diaconia – CRD have been providing material and financial aid to Ukrainians affected by the conflict in the east. There are hundreds of children and families feeling from the violence.  They are commonly referred to as “IDPs”, an acronym for Internally Displaced People–a cold, emotionless term. Our work in Ukraine has been focused on helping some of the least protected members of society: orphaned children. To help us in this mission, we quickly partnered with the Ukraininan non-profit, Otchiy Dim (Father’s House).

Father’s House is an amazing organization that cares for children. They provide housing and care for orphans; provide therapy for kids with physical and mental disabilities; and give guidance to those in need. All of the children served by Father’s House have one trait in common: they lack parental care and support. For many, the staff at Father’s House serve as their family.001138_05_017775 copy

Yet, what about the hundreds of families, adults and children alike, fleeing the fighting? What services are offered to them? Families that are forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in Kiev, sacrifice a lot.   They leave behind jobs, relatives, and friends and come with little money.  Lack of financial resources and local connections make for an untenable situation for both the adults and, of course, the children.

Therefore, this past winter, the leaders of Father’s House decided to help tackle this problem.  The organization started planning the construction of a housing facility that will provide living space to newly arrived families, social and medical services, vocational training, and schooling for children.  The need for such a facility is great and Father’s House has the expertise and passion needed to make the project a success.  The only problem has been funding the project.  The planned facility will be brand new and will cost $200,000.

In a serendipitous moment, Koma, a Czech modular construction company, contacted us to inquire about the possibility of partnering with Diaconia – CRD. KOMA’s goal is to share their monetary resources and architectural expertise to help those in greatest need.  We at Diaconia were ecstatic. This provided us the perfect opportunity to partner KOMA’s building expertise with Father’s House’s experience as a leading Ukrainian non-profit.  After a few meetings, KOMA, Diaconia – CRD, and Father’s House all enthusiastically agreed to work together to build the family care facility.23c5f8748ae76619287fad16692b1a5b

While KOMA is generously providing materials and funds, the project still needs to raise more money to get the project off the ground. We are now seeking donations to purchase building materials. It’s a concrete donation to establish a foundation that will help Ukrainian families for years to come (pun intended).  Please join us in giving.

More will be written about this exciting partnership in the months ahead. Please regularly check our website and emails.


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