Run With Us

Are you running a race? When you register for a race through us, you partner with us to make a better world.

Through emergency relief and sustainable development, we collaborate with partner organizations and local people to bring about lasting change. We are committed to helping those living in difficult circumstances with the respect and dignity all people deserve. Our projects begin with local empowerment because we know that personal ownership is essential for effective development. Together, we are building a better community for all. Come run with us!

Races we offer:

  • Sportisimo ½ Marathon 2017 (1.4.2017) –  119 EUR*
  • Volkswagen Marathon 2017 (7.5.2017) – 149 EUR*

*Prices include both the race registration and donation to Diaconia. We buy the registration from Run Czech at a discounted price, but in order for your race to make an effective impact, we must set the final price higher than the price of registering through Run Czech itself.

If you are interested in buying a registration, please contact Zdenka Sobotova:, +420 730 182 571

We appreciate your partnership with us!